Useful Links
An informative site for birthing in SA
A Southern African doula database with VBAC friendly childbirth companions
An informative article on having a caesarean birth in awareness
Association for Improvements in the maternity services

Caesarean birth and VBAC information
Research-based information and support on all aspects of caesareans and vaginal birth following caesarean section.
10 reasons to choose a VBAC.

ICAN-International Caesarean Awareness Network
White papers – information and ammunition.

Maternal and Perinatal Outcomes Associated with a Trial of Labor after Prior Cesarean Delivery
Research of VBAC trials by Mark Landon.

VBAC books
Books for Cesarean & Vaginal Birth After Cesarean.

Natural Caesarean
If it’s necessary then it might as well be like this!

VBAC articles on Midwifery today
Links to various authors and articles on VBACs.
A woman-centered, evidence-based resource.

VBAC safety statements
You have the right to make an informed choice